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Post  Nick Blade on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:08 am

[Begin transmission. Fade in on shoulder length black stringy hair hanging over a black bikers vest. The white top rocker says "Zero Tolerance" in bold black lettering. Tattoo sleeves coming down the bare arms on the side. As the camera pans around a little toward the side we can get a glimpse from the side of his face. Grungy black beard, sunglasses and a black bandana over the forehead. For anybody who's ever watched GWA, it's obviously Nick Blade. He's holding his hand at his ear, phone in hand.]

"I know what the doctor said. The knee needs surgery. Forget it. He said I shouldn't wrestle again. That's fine.. I came here to drink whiskey and fight. Who's wrestling?"

[Blade lets out a laugh and waits for the response.]

"On the up side, at least we're back home. Where we separate the men from the boys and all that matters is how tough you are. Not like that Council place, where if you want a title shot you better be kissing the right ass and spending more time talking to cameras than the cast of Jersey Shore. They can't book a high school reunion, but GWA reopens the school."

[Waits a few seconds while the person on the other end of the phone responds.]

"Yeah, I'm guessing you heard the rumors that they're booking us against The Assassins? How many dive bar bingo hall arenas do I have to drag Mr. Sinister's limp carcass around to get a paycheck? I mean seriously, all I want outta this match is that while I got his spine on the mat and his arms laid out like they hate each other.. for the ref to count really slow so he can get a good taste of my boot while its on his cheek for the pin. I want him to know there's no coming back from this and that he isn't half the man I was during my rookie season."

[Glancing up to notice the camera, Nick gets a little frustrated.]

"I'm gonna have to get back to you, Cage."

[Hits the end call button and puts the phone in his pocket. Directing his focus toward the camera.]

"In case you still had your head buried up your mother's skirt.. or maybe you're too senile now to remember, let me remind you of who Zero Tolerance is. Back in season fifteen of GWA we went by the name of The New Revolution. How did we live up to that name? Wrestler of the Year, Family of the Year, Surprise of the Year, Most Improved Wrestler of the Year, World Heavyweight Champion.."

[A smirk grows across Blade's lips, because he truly enjoys this one.]

".. and of course, the Most Hated Wrestler of the Year. In other words, you can call out names like Tony Pride, Keith "Rockshade" Schiano, Idol Austin, Ronny Smith or even James "The Crippler" Naismith when people want to discuss the main eventers here in GWA. However, there's never been a more dominant force who came through and clean swept your award ceremonies.

By the way, somebody tell Sinister that I have Zero Tolerance for sharing my ring with people who never mattered to begin with. Now get outta my face."

[Blade's hand covers the entire screen as he palms the camera. End transmission.]

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