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The Rookie vs The Veteran Empty The Rookie vs The Veteran

Post  Dynamo Crunch on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:08 pm

[The camera pans around in the same old mine from before where Dynamo Crunch was. He's found in small crater with drawing in the dirt with spade of a broken shovel. He looks up to the camera and just smiles to himself.]

Dynamo Crunch: *hehe* Rockshade! That match you got lucky even though I gave it all I had. So I wanna issue a challenge to you on the first Sunday Showcase. A First Blood match. You busted me open in this past pre-season match,but I wanna go at it again except with that little extra "fun". So if you agree to terms,either reply to this message or meet me in the ring on Sunday Showcase. See ya if possible Rockshade!

[Dynamo stands up,but he has a device in his hand and presses the big red button and mines go off everywhere and once the explosions have faded out,he's gone.]

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