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Post  Dynamo Crunch on Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:12 pm

[The camera opens up to a swamp and begins to pan of what almost looks like an arena,but,with pillars sticking out of the swamp marsh. It's also thundering and lightning. Two individuals standing on the farthest pillars on each side. In the center is a ring of some sort with a cluster of the wooden pillars as its floors. Both are bowing with hands as if praying. One has black elbow pads,taped forearms and palms,red shorts and silver and blue sneakers while the other sports a green mask,green tights,and red wrestling boots. Suddenly they shout in strong manners as if performing a ritual.]




[Out of the blue the sky crackles,lightning draws closer,the winds pick up,the rain pours down heavier. The two jump from pillar to pillar towards the center. As they make the final jump to the center,they scream as if a battle cry. They start throwing kicks,punches,at each other in mid-air. They fall out and skid across the cluster. They both charge again and start again. They then try to immbolize one another with holds such as leg locks,arm bars,and other moves. Suddenly,both jump onto corners of the ring and throw one striking blow. Both land in the opposite corners of one another. They are breathing heavily,but quickly get their breath back and bow to one another. Stools are suddenly seen with cups of green tea sitting on them. They both sit on the stools and begin speaking while drinking their tea. Dynamo speaks first.]

Dynamo Crunch: We are the newest tag team in GWA known as Thunder and Lightning. I,Dynamo Crunch and my buddy Kmodo Dragon. Both of us have said we will make a huge impact here.

Kmodo Dragon: That is right Dynamo. I said I was making my return here to GWA and making a big mark on it. But with Dynamo at my side,it's gonna be even bigger than what I said earlier.

Dynamo: Also continuing from Kmodo's point,we might even be better than no good snot bags,Zero Tolerance. Honestly,I know at first you gain some recognition during your first few months by sabotage and dirty tricks,but overtime it gets old. But with us as new talent,we're gonna be even better than those bad boys.

Dragon: Certainly. The way we have combined our strengths,we won't go down so easily even with dirty tricks. So watch you two. But to the GWA's people,we will be GWA Tag Team Champions..

Dynamo: 'Course we will Kmodo. We're gonna be one of the most toughest teams to come here in this company and one of use will be GWA World Champion.

Dragon: Even if it means fighting one another.

Dynamo: Certainly. Well I guess we've run out of time for this interview. Time for us to get going Dragon. We still got work to do.

[The two finish the last sips of their cups. Place them back down gently,stand up with determined faces,throw out combinations and go out with the wind as soon as the following bolt screeches acroos the sky.]

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