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Reflections of a legend Empty Reflections of a legend

Post  Rockshade on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:34 pm

[The scene is an empty arena. A wrestling ring is constructed in the center. The iconic words "GLOBAL WRESTLING ALLIANCE" become visible as the shot slowly zooms in on its apron. A wrench, likely used to tighten the ropes, sits in the ring's corner.]

[The shot switches to the chairs on which one would expect middle class fans to sit. It is not quite the nosebleed section, but ringside is more than a stone's throw away. These chairs are empty, except for the one occupied by GWA Hall of Famer Rockshade. After a brief pause, as if to collect his thoughts, he speaks.]

"As the GWA will hold its tryout matches in this building later tonight, looking to catch lightning in a bottle and find its newest breakout star, I thought I'd take some time to reflect. This is, after all, the building in which I won my very first title in professional wrestling."

[He leans back and grins, his eyes drifting upward in contemplation.]

"The year was 1997. In my pay per view debut, I took on The 911 Kid. He had this punk named Blazin Skull in his corner who cost me the match. The next week on television, I defeated that punk for the GWA's AOL Title. And just like that, Rockshade was a player."

[The look on his face suddenly grows more intense.]

"The GWA is a cutthroat place. If you're somebody, you can count on somebody else trying to take you down. The Assassins were formed out of the reality that everyone was coming for Rockshade and Sinister. It was kill or be killed, and neither one of us was willing to be a casualty. That's what it was. What is now one of the most decorated teams of all time was nothing more than an alliance created by necessity."

[He smirks.]

"The more things change, the more they stay the same. In 2012, the landscape is quite frankly no different than it was back then. Sure, we may be a bit older now. But we're still the ones the would-be somebodies go after. That should tell you something. A beat up hack with a bum knee, who started his career as a 911 knockoff named The 1-800 Kid, and a wannabe with a forgettable World Title run are finally getting their pay per view match with us. Let's be blunt here. Their entire existence is based on us. They need us to be seen through the lens they want to be seen through. I'm sure you've heard the story by now. We won Most Hated and Wrestler of the Year the season before them, and yet they're still not the legends they want to be."

[Rockshade shakes his head before a confident smile that may be interpreted as arrogant creeps onto his face.]

"They're still not the legends we are. And they won't be. When you put them in the ring with us, it won't be pretty for them. The GWA's Resurrection will be their burial. When they're no longer standing next to us, no one will entertain the notion they were anywhere near our league again. And with the ring cleared of that problem, when it's as still as is it right now, it will be time to handle the real business. The Riot in the Ring. Winning that match 14 years ago led to my first GWA World Title reign. I will win it again, and I will achieve what I came here to achieve: once again being the World Champion."

[The shot zooms in on Rockshade's now stern expression.]

"Somebody I used to sell out arenas not unlike this one with recently said he still doesn't know what a Rockshade is. My man, the answer is simple. Rockshade is the Global Wrestling Alliance."

[Fade to black.]


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