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Lambs to the slaughter Empty Lambs to the slaughter

Post  Ryan Cage on Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:22 am

[The scene fades into a weight room where a man is seen on a bench press lifting weights. As the camera moves in closer a jacket with "ZERO TOLERANCE" can be seen hanging on one of the hooks on the wall. The light flickers a little and it becomes clear that this is Ryan Cage, one half of Zero Tolerance and it looks as if he has just finished his workout. He sits up on the bench, grabs a towel and wipes the sweat from his face and without even looking up at the camera he begins to speak.]

"Seems like you can't go anywhere without running into one of you guys. Guess that's going to take some getting used to again."

[Cage throws the towel down, grabs his jacket, slides it on and continues with what he was saying.]

"But since you are here I might as well get a few things off my chest. We can start with the less important stuff first as not to give it more attention than it deserves.Thunder and Lightning. I think just Thunder is a more appropriate name for you guys because what is Thunder? It's all big noise and nothing else. And that's what you guys are, just a bunch of big noise."

[Cage stands up and looks directly into the camera.]

"But The Assassins....That's a whole different story all together. I've heard all this talk about being "Built out of necessity" and "It's us against everyone else", but all that adds up to is just a couple of guys huddled together like scared little lambs.And then you wrestle under the name of "Assassin" that's laughable at the least. Assassins aren't supposed to be lambs.
[Cage grins.]
"They're supposed to be wolves.... Not only are you two a disgrace to your name, you're a disgrace to lambs. It takes a lot more than a trip down memory lane about how things used to be before Zero Tolerance walked through the door to impress me. Honestly I don't think you have what it takes, and between the two of you I doubt you ever will."

[The grin on Cage's face is now gone completely, you can tell that what he is thinking about weighs heavy on his mind. He pauses for a second and looks at the floor for a moment, looks back up and continues to talk.]

"And then there's what Rockshade said....."Rockshade is the Global Wrestling Alliance". This guy has become pretty full of himself at this point. But I can't have him out there saying that he is the GWA just because he thinks he is. He has to prove it to me, and not just me for that matter but everyone else in the damn locker room too. Rock listen to what I say next very closely because I want to make sure you hear this. You said "They're still not the legends we are. And they wont be" I have a problem with that. You see I beat the legend that you are, I pinned you 1,2,3. I broke the mighty Rockshade. And on the 16th when we meet in the ring it's gonna' happen all over again."

[As Cage leaves the room he says one more thing]

"See you in the ring"

Ryan Cage

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