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Saerin Talks To Camera Empty Saerin Talks To Camera

Post  SaerinAurora on Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:05 am

A bad webcam setup. You can quickly tell how bad it is because the man sitting in front of said webcam looks like the girl from the Ring movies took a lot of steroids. There's also a lot of motion blurring, as the man keeps fiddling and messing with the camera. The voice, however, is crystal clear, and sounds very much like that of Saerin Aurora. The older, more hoarse voice is pretty distinct.

"Hey. Can you see me? Good, good."

More fiddling with the camera, until finally it gets better.

"Dude, Chris, this is like a bad trip to the optamomalgist. Try this, is one better...?"

The filter changes to sepia, while Saerin's face completely blurs out of the picture.

"Or is two better?"

The filter goes away pretty quickly, leaving a near-perfect video feed of Saerin looking into the camera.

"So, I've got a match on this Pay Per View against Chris Kill. A Hardcore Challenge of some sorts. Apparently, they want me to sell more tickets for the damn thing, so here I am. Look, this isn't a personal grudge match, I don't even really know the guy. What I do know, though, is that I'm going to go out there, and I'm gonna try to hurt you. It's not personal, it's business and it's personal pride. I'm going to get to the arena, and I'm gonna hit you with everything I've got, and everything I can find. And yeah, you're gonna talk about how you're gonna kill me or whatever. I know your shtick and you know mine. So instead of talking, let's just do this. Best man that night'll win, we'll both look like we'll be dead, and we'll both come back for the Riot in the Ring."

Saerin's hand covered the camera for a moment, but then pulls back.

"As far as the rookie goes. Dude, relax. Chill out. You don't wanna get people like myself pissed off, I think people know what happens when I get pissed off. There's lots of old tape, look it up."

The hand drops down again, turning the camera feed off by hand.


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