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Post  OTTR on Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:44 am

Complete GWA Resurrection coverage Resurrection%20logo

Season 18 of the GWA officially kicked off with the Resurrection pay per view on Sunday, September 16. This is OTTR's coverage of the event.


Resurrection opened with the grudge tag match between The Assassins and Zero Tolerance. Nick Blade taunted a small child at ringside while making his entrance. Rockshade then attempted to cheer him up. Mr. Sinister and Ryan Cage started the match for their teams. The Assassins took control early by double teaming Cage with Rockshade coming off the top. Sinister hit the Black Bart, but Blade made the save before the pinfall. Cage then tagged out to Blade, and they began taking it to Mr. Sinister. At one point, Rockshade fell off the top rope and landed harshly on his back during a failed double team. Zero Tolerance capitalized by hitting their tag team finisher, Zero Gravity, on Sinister. Rockshade managed to make the save at the same time Sinister was kicking out. However, Rockshade's back gave out and Blade followed it up with a middle rope knee drop for the three-count on Sinister.


Rockshade, who never tagged into the match, needed help from GWA officials to return to the dressing room. They questioned whether he could compete in the Riot in the Ring later in the evening.


This match was billed as determining the most hardcore wrestler in the GWA. Saerin Aurora went on the offensive early, cutting him open with a stop sign and drawing more blood with a nasty Tope Con Hilo from the top to the outside. Kill fought back and hit a Reverse DDT through a table. In perhaps the sickest spot of the night, Kill used a scythe on Saerin but failed to cut him open. However, a subsequent spinebuster and Devastating DDT from the top proved to be enough for the win.


After the match, Chris Kill and Saerin Aurora shook hands. Saerin raised Kill's hand in victory and returned to the back looking pretty banged up. Kill undoubtedly needed stitches himself. Somebody claiming to be a representative of the GWA Front Office, who looked a bit like MSNBC's Chris Hayes, emerged in the aisle. He told everyone to applaud the efforts of the wrestlers, then announced the GWA World Title would be decided at the next pay per view, November Reign, on November 4. Lazy Ref and Magic Ref were announced as the commissioners of the Showcase and Spotlight divisions, respectively. Each division will crown a divisional champion, and those champions will face off at November Reign for the World Title. An interesting concept.

Of course, the winner of the Around the Clock contract will be able to trade it in for a title match at any time. That brings us to our main event.


Chris Python drew number one. His partner, Saerin Aurora, drew number two. However, Saerin was not cleared to wrestle again after the Hardcore Match. Mr. Sinister was out next, but he was counted out after failing to appear. It seems the earlier matches did a real number on these competitors. Chris Python waited impatiently in the ring for an opponent. Finally, Ryan Cage hit the ring. They brawled and hit a nice spot where Cage powerbombed Python off the middle rope. Rockshade was due out next, but the Front Office rep came back to confirm what we'd expected: that he, too, was unable to compete. He announced a shocking replacement: The 911 Kid.

911 and Cage began double-teaming Chris Python, but failed to eliminate him before Chris Kill made it to the ring. He had bandages all over his head and was still kicking ass. This guy is awesome. Kill helped Python fight off 911 and Cage, but Cage managed to eliminate an already weakened Python. Nick Blade then hit the ring, and Zero Tolerance and 911 proceeded to triple team Chris Kill. At one point, Blade hit a dropkick on Kill into a German Suplex by Cage. Former GWA World Champion Martin Schiano, the younger brother of Rockshade previously known as Stonelight, was next out. He slowly made his way to the ring, in no rush to take it to Zero Tolerance. It actually ended up 4-on-1 against Chris Kill, and the crowd started booing Martin Schiano. Kill did hit a Devastating DDT on Nick Blade, but he was eliminated after taking a Blade's Edge and a punch by Ryan Cage, followed by 911 pulling the top rope down. Martin Schiano stood there and did nothing while Kill was being eliminated.

The rookie, Dynamo Crunch, was out next. Unfortunately, he walked into a slaughter as the unlikely alliance consisting of Zero Tolerance, The 911 Kid, and Martin Schiano immediately ambushed him. Dynamo popped the crowd by fighting them all off for a short while, even attempting an elimination on 911. The next entrant was announced as GWA Hall of Famer Tony Pride. The arena went completely nuts. Pride had tears in his eyes as he hit the ring. He helped Dynamo Crunch against the mob. A "This is awesome!" chant broke out. Dynamo avoided elimination by 911 and Blade avoided elimination by Pride. The numbers game proved too much, and Nick Blade eventually eliminated Dynamo Crunch.

Martin Schiano then helped Tony Pride attack Nick Blade. Kmodo Dragon hit the ring, and he and Martin immediately went after each other. Meanwhile, Zero Tolerance began brawling with 911 and Pride. The mob seemed to be dissolved, and the Riot broke down into a simultaneous singles match and a tag match. Cage hit a Superbomb on 911, which was followed by a middle rope knee drop from Blade. Idol Austin, who recently questioned whether he could still get it done, was the final entrant. He hit the ring and immediately eliminated Ryan Cage, who had taken a beating in the opening match. Idol tried to eliminate Nick Blade as well, but he was unsuccessful.

It then seemed to be the seasoned veterans -- Idol Austin, Tony Pride, and The 911 Kid -- against Nick Blade. Kmodo Dragon and Martin Schiano continued to brawl with each other. Idol Austin wanted Kmodo to help them get Blade out. Kmodo instead attacked 911. He tried eliminating 911 at the same time Idol tried eliminating Blade, but both avoided being thrown to the outside. After some high impact moves, it looked like Blade would finally be eliminated. However, he was pulled back into the ring by Kmodo Dragon for some reason.

Finally, The 911 Kid and Idol Austin succeeded in getting Nick Blade out of the ring. Just as they eliminated him, Kmodo snuck up from behind and dumped 911 out of the ring. And then there were four: Idol Austin, Kmodo Dragon, Tony Pride, and Martin Schiano. They ganged up on Dragon and Pride eliminated him. Pride and Austin then went after Martin Schiano, who had been in the match a long time. Pride hit a Pencil Neck Breaker and eliminated Martin Schiano. He shook hands with Idol Austin, who promptly hit him with the Idolatry off the top rope. Pride fired back with a Ghetto Blaster from the top, but when he attempted to eliminate Idol with the Superstar Superkick, Idol deflected it and used the momentum to send Tony Pride to the floor.

Idol Austin, at age 47, won the Riot in the Ring match and the Around the Clock contract. He now has the opportunity to win his first GWA World Title. A great ending to a great show.


Order of entry:

1. Chris Python
2. Saerin Aurora
3. Mr. Sinister
4. Ryan Cage
5. The 911 Kid
6. Chris Kill
7. Nick Blade
8. Martin Schiano
9. Dynamo Crunch
10. Tony Pride
11. Kmodo Dragon
12. Idol Austin

Order of elimination:

1. Saerin Aurora (unable to compete)
2. Mr. Sinister (counted out)
3. Chris Python (by Ryan Cage)
4. Chris Kill (by The 911 Kid)
5. Dynamo Crunch (by Nick Blade)
6. Ryan Cage (by Idol Austin)
7. Nick Blade (by The 911 Kid and Idol Austin)
8. The 911 Kid (by Kmodo Dragon)
9. Kmodo Dragon (by Tony Pride)
10. Martin Schiano (by Tony Pride)
11. Tony Pride (by Idol Austin)

Longest time in ring:

1. Martin Schiano - 34
2. Tony Pride - 30
3. The 911 Kid - 29
4. (tie) Idol Austin/Nick Blade/Ryan Cage - 24
7. Kmodo Dragon - 16
8. (tie) Chris Kill/Chris Python - 8
10. Dynamo Crunch - 5
11. (tie) Mr. Sinister/Saerin Aurora - 0


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