This is how I'm gonna start?

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This is how I'm gonna start? Empty This is how I'm gonna start?

Post  Dynamo Crunch on Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:12 pm

[The scene opens up to a construction site where many workers are working on a house for a family. An elevator is seen going to the highest point,as it opens,4 workers step out of it. One is wearing a tag that says "Project Leader". He walks out to the corner of the beam and stares out into the sun. Thunder is heard,but no sign is shown. One of the workers tells the leader,"All set sir." The leader takes out a device and an explosion goes off when the button is pressed. Now we recoginized this man is Dynamo Crunch. The workers go back to there work while Dynamo still stares at the sun and we hear him begin to speak.]

*So this is how I'm gonna start? Be recoginized as the rookie who got the worst draw and get his ass kicked by the hands of legends minus Pride. Unfreakin believeable by all. To think I liked Stonelight when I was growing up. What a joke now. Only a Gargoyle Suplex and clothesline nailed. Eliminated in just about 3 minutes. I knew this would happen.

[Another boom of thunder goes off and DC's voice only seems to get angrier]

*I knew ZT would gang up,but from 911? He could've broken my neck with that Kneeling Double Underhook Ganso Bomb. Even myself knew he would try to end my career quickly.

[DC rubs his neck as it sorta bruised]

*And of all old men I knew. Calling me Capt. Crunch and Kmodo and I being called Dragon Crunch Spring Roll or Sushi Spring Roll. Well guess what fellas. Forget about me calling you guys legends. To me now,you're nothing but Oldies. Espically you Austin. Espically you. Rockshade,get well soon. Saerin and Kill,good job out there. And Sensei,I accept your fight for trying to regain my honor,but it wasn't enough. But I may ask you something later for the future. You'll see Sensei. And for the record,I hate Capt. Crunch cereal. I prefer Kellog's Krave. So get it straight boys before you all fall like the statues of SOTC. One by one. Next thing you know,BOOM!!!!! You all fall dead. Catch you all later Tuesday or Sunday,jerks.

[DC jumps from the beam and lands on a matress. He then points to the sky where thunder and lightning are gathering. He disappears with storm.]

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