On finances, alliances and dark liquor

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On finances, alliances and dark liquor Empty On finances, alliances and dark liquor

Post  "The 911 Kid" James Hill on Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:22 am

[Our camera takes us inside a private aircraft. Nicely appointed, with rich leather seats, tasteful carpeting and a glass filled with some form of dark liquor on a table. The camera slowly pans to a focus on the individual sitting behind that glass, "The 911 Kid" James Hill.]

"Good evening. We're wheels up from wherever-it-is-we-were, headed to my fall home outside of my birthplace, St. Louis, Missouri."

[Hill gracefully lifts the glass from the table and takes a slow, pronounced drink of a clearly enjoyable toxin. You notice a brief shine off his platinum wedding ring and the large, silver watch adorning his left wrist. Hill sets his drink down and continues.]

"The fall is my favorite time of the year. A time when I set aside the pursuit of wealth to enjoy the outdoors, sport, and other pursuits which I hold dear. It was such when I was contacted by the management of the Global Wresting Association, with an offer to appear at their re-introductory pay-per-view event. How this organization got my contact information is of little matter, because the issue at hand is the elephant in the room: Why? After over a decade, why would I have the slightest interest in returning to the business I was so quick to put in the rear view window?"

[Hill glances out of one of the plane's larger than normal windows, and gets that classic smirk on his face.]

"To understand why, we have to go back. After the championships. After the hall of fame inductions. After the federations, councils and alliances. I was faced with a very basic decision: Continue to lead this industry in its evolution, driving whomever I chose to align myself with towards prominence in an ultra-competitive environment…

[Hill turns back towards the camera, staring blankly into it.]

…or get the hell off the Titanic before the fucking boat sank."

"It was a simple decision, in hindsight. Profound, but simple. In business, you buy low and sell high. That's it. That's all you have to do to be a winner. And I ask you, who has been a bigger winner in life than The 911 Kid?"

"The GWA. Took my money and left before the wheels came off. Started my own global wrestling brand and quickly flipped it, quintupling my initial investment. Waited until the group that founded a prominent wrestling council needed clout, and got paid just to show up. Then got paid some more to push the envelope. Then robbed the fuckers blind by trading it all back for even more cash at the height of its success."

"Then… nothing. Buy low, sell high. Now tell me this: Since you last saw my face on a wrestling program, has this form of entertainment evolved? Has it been… enjoyable? Has it been… any better than it was a decade ago?"

"We both know the answer. The answer is a resounding no. Forget that council. Forget the contenders and the pretenders. This business has gone nowhere in over ten years. Ten years! How does something survive if it doesn't evolve? We both know the answer to that, too. It doesn't."

[Hill picks up his glass and glares down into it.]

"Buy low, sell high. Well, there's been no point to "buy-in" for going on a decade now. We both know this business is dying… and don't take my return as some noble crusade. Some vain attempt to revive what has been lost, or to capture former glory. My return is about business. About putting asses in seats, and assets in my column while this industry rebounds."

[Hill takes another drink, then casually looks back up at the camera.]

"And on that note, The Riot In The Ring. Where we all learned who's going to carry this industry going forward… and line my pockets in the process. The names will soon have national, and some day global, prominence. Blade and Cage. Crunch and Dragon. Aurora. Python. Kill. No one disappointed, no one let the fans down...

…and no one from that list won the main event."

"If business can be boiled down to a simple axiom, then so can behavior. Act like you've been there once you get there. And that's the problem: None of you have even gotten there yet."

[Hill chuckles to himself, shakes his head, and finishes off his drink.]

"Austin. Pride. They've gotten there. They got there before you were an itch in your father's pants. They were the last two in the ring last night, and rightfully so. Rockshade. Sinister. Schiano. They got there, and while last night wasn't their night you know they'll have their day again soon."

"The coming weeks and months will be an interesting time, not just for this organization but for wrestling as a whole. Can we set this business on a growth pattern? Can we change the game? Can we evolve? Fair questions. Questions I still have after last night."

"The only question for you is how will you align yourself going forward? With the man that, when he speaks, money is made, or with those that think they can outthink basic logic."

"Buy low, sell high. It's not that complicated."

[Fade to black.]

"The 911 Kid" James Hill

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