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Is This Thing On?! Empty Is This Thing On?!

Post  Tony Pride on Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:18 am

"Old age: the crown of life, our play's last act."-Marcus Tullius Cicero

[We’re in the locker room, yes, the locker room. Directly, well not directly but somewhere following the end of the GWA’s re-re-re-re-debut card Resurrection. Sitting inside of a locker, long flowing platinum blonde hair, covering the sweat drenched and aged face of a legend, of a hall of famer.

He sits, yes, he sits inside of the locker, “Upper Echelon” shirt adorning his muscular but drooping/aging body, wrestling boots on but unlaced, tights laying on the floor and he sits, in his underwear in his locker room and glares longingly into the camera]

“Gooood Gawd, it’s been too long”

[He wipes a strand of hair off of his face, yet strangely, his whole head of hair moves, he straightens It and carries on]

“The Global Wrestling Alliance, a place in which I know well, a place in which I once was King, Ruler, like a God amongst insects. A place where the competition was a whose who of legends, future legends and hall of famers. The NWC is where I built my house…”

[He nervously chuckles and stops]

“….But the GWA was where I became the ‘Foundation’! And tonight, the world found out why I am JUST that, timeless, ageless, as once again my hand was raised in victory as I stood in the ring confetti pouring down as I won the Battle Royal to become the GWA World Champion!”

[Pride pauses, as someone clearly says something to him off camera]

“Oh, it wasn’t for the World Title? Then, what the hell did I stay in the ring punching Nick Blade in the face for 30 minutes for?”

[Pride listens and nods, then smirks]

“Oh, well then hell yeah! The ‘Foundation’ Tony Pride, stood victorious after winning the…


“What’s it called again?”


“The Around the Clock Championship Briefcase Contract thing-a-ma-jig…

[Pride nervously chuckles, glares, leans in to listen again, then frowns]

“Oh, Idol Austin won?! Must have bumped my head on the railing."

[Pride rubs his head, strangely his entire head of hair moves with each rub, pay it no mind]

“Well then Idol Austin, old buddy old pal, prepare to give me the FIRST title shot, after your first title defense sometime in Mid-December, you owe me! Remember that one time in Kansas City, that hooker, that turned out to be a pre-op tranny that I swore I’d never….

[Suddenly the video feed goes black, but the audio feed stays clear]

“This wasn’t part of the deal!”

[A deep and raspy baritone voice can be heard bellowing]

“What do you mean? Is the camera still on, this is my time…""

[Nervous chuckle]

[Booming voice]

“No! You promised that you’d get me my ticket into the GWA! You promised that if I trained, with you, left home and came on the road you’d get me in! You even told me that I had a contract for the battle royale!”

[Nervous chuckle, bit of a whine]

“Well, it was your number, but then I saw 911 kid, Sinister, Rockshade and I saw Idol Austin and I saw Captain Crunch and Spring Rolls and, and, I got excited…Don’t blame me, blame the Viagra! "

[Awkward silence]

“Come ooooonnnn…Next week, I promise, I’ll introduce you to the whole world, and I’ll be your Manager!"

[Nervous chuckle]

“That’s right, your manager. The “Foundation” Tony Pride and, and…we will come up with your name next week! Taking over the world, one GWA card at a time, scouts honor!"

[Booming voice] “Scouts honor my ass! Next week, I debut, or else, I’m making that phone call and you know you don’t want me to make that phone call.

[Silence can be heard as angry, yet large foot steps are heard walking away as the door slams]

“He can’t talk to me, I’m the Foundation, I’m Tony Pride, I’m…”

[Nervous chuckle and then a long sigh]

“…His father”

[And with that, we fade]

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