A Minute with Reigning Ironman Martin Schiano

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A Minute with Reigning Ironman Martin Schiano Empty A Minute with Reigning Ironman Martin Schiano

Post  Martin Schiano on Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:47 pm

[A segment prerecorded hours before tonight's Tuesday Night Spotlight hits the airwaves. We're in a properly lit backstage area showcasing the facility's beautiful concrete structure. Is it by the carport? On the way to the locker room? Unimportant. The subject is obviously Martin Schiano and he's totally captivating his audience. While never known for having the charisma of his older brothers, something has changed about Schiano since the last time GWA viewers existed. Sure, he's a decade older and has obviously added size to his physique, but this is something deeper. He's poised and relaxed and entirely sure of himself. One of those wrestling reporter types is out of the shot to our left. Is it Franky Frig? Could be, but Schiano's visage remains unannoyed, so it's less likely. Hopefully the reformed GWA has spent some of it's budget getting qualified professionals, but use your imagination and hope for the best. The scene is set.]

GWA Guy: Martin, we're trying to generate some exclusive content for the website. Mind if I ask you a few questions about Resurrection?

[Schiano smiles. Nods.]

Sure, no problem.

GWA Guy: So we're a couple of night removed, what were your thoughts on the event? What was it like being around all of those familiar faces again?

[Schiano shifts his weight and takes a second to ponder the question.]

You know, it was really great. It was fun seeing all the boys backstage and I think we all put on a helluva show for the crowd. I got to catch up with some of those guys a few years ago when BAWF was doing it's farewell tour, but some of them I hadn't seen in... I don't even know. 12 years? Tony Pride? Idol Austin? Dial 911? When I was just coming up through the scene those guys were at the top, it was unbelievable catching up with them and later getting the opportunity to compete with them. It's been a long time. I'm hearing it was a critical and commercial success, but beyond that, from a spectators standpoint Kill and Aurora really went after it, everyone got to see two legendary tag teams go at it, and then there was the Riot...

GWA Guy: Let me interrupt for a second-- your brother Keith took a pretty nasty bump in that tag match, what was it like watching that from the back?

Obviously, we share blood and I wanted to go out and help him up, but the GWA staff is filled with highly trained guys and they didn't want me to ruin my surprise appearance later that evening. Honestly, the most conflicting thing was the crowd's reaction to me not going after the Zero Tolerance guys when I hit the ring. I guess they expected me to avenge my brother, to take a stand... but against what? That he took a risk and missed? So now I have to limit my chance to win the event? That's not really the way I operate. Maybe in the past, but I fell into that habit briefly during that BAWF tour and paid for it and I don't think that's a mistake I should be making at this point in my career...

GWA Guy: But what about Dynamo Crunch? Everyone in the ring ganged up on him. You've been the youngest competitor out there before, how could you not come to his aid?

It wasn't anything personal, simply strategic. He was the new guy that no one had affiliations with--same thing happened to Chris Kill. I got a decent draw but knew I'd have to do work to win the event. I lasted longer than anyone else and in the end got the same treatment from two legends that knew how to work with each other. It's how those things go.

GWA Guy: Kmodo Dragon set his sights on you as soon as he entered the fray and never really altered his plan. What was that about?

[Schiano grins and shrugs.]

Who knows. He's got some beef against the Schianos, but I'd never heard his name before it was announced over the PA. I guess he fashions himself some sort of mystical being with his own personal foot clan? ...What do you know about him?

GWA Guy: I... err..

Exactly. He got in some good shots and I think his one-sided focus definitely had an impact on me not ultimately emerging victorious, but where did it get him? He lasted less than half as long as I did and had the second best possible draw.

GWA Guy: Fair enough. Any final words?

[A final pause. Contemplation. Speech resumes.]

Yea, I mean, I'm here to compete. I'm in my athletic prime. I know that I'll never shake being the baby Schiano or the Stonelight gimmick, but I'm okay with that. I took a long hiatus from professional wrestling to pursue other competitive events. Trained with some notable fighters in the Netherlands, some world class judo players... my style has really evolved. I briefly pursued a career in mixed martial arts, but the money here is too good and I've got those "family business" connections. I'm here to collect victories and trophies and hopefully that will entertain fans along the way, but that's not my goal. I'm going to do what I think is right for my career progression, but for now I'm focused on being the most well rounded professional wrestler in the GWA.

GWA Guy:Great! Thanks for the time, Martin.

[Schiano nods and walks toward the camera and offscreen. He is the coolest.]

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