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Post  Nick Blade on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:12 pm

[We fade in on a scene from the Global Wrestling Alliance locker rooms. Ryan Cage is sitting on a bench lacing up his black boots while Nick Blade is putting a black T-shirt on. As he pulls it over his abs you can clearly see that it says "Product of a Failed Assassination."]

Nick Blade: "So what do you think? We go out there tonight and take home the Spotlight strap?"

[Cage shrugs and glances up.]

Ryan Cage: "That's one thing us and Sheen got in common. All we do is win."

[After his comment he notices the camera and gives Blade a motion with his hand to help him recognize it as well. Nick turns and begins monolog.]

Nick Blade: "Another day, another pair of crippled legends roaming the halls of the arena, huh? We told you clowns to pack up that circus and join a traveling show.. but your foolish pride got the best of you. I guess now when Rockshade does his little song and dance for the helpless children he can explain to them the risks of what can occur when you step in the squared circle with Zero Tolerance. One battered, one bruised, come the Riot and neither gets used."

[Nick chuckles to himself before continuing.]

"Somebody go and get Dynamo a damn Kleenex. Tears don't belong in my ring, son.. so walk all that sissy shit off and put your big girl panties on if you want to compete at my level. You wanna know why Kmodo helped me? Because he could see the future. He could see what your rookie eyes don't show you. What that told him was that we had common enemies. It was either help me out and stand a chance against a mob of people who don't like him.. or let me get thrown out and try it by himself. Get a few months under your belt and maybe you'll understand how some of this works."

[There's a much more serious tone in his voice as he continues to rant.]

"9-1-1. I hope nobody is selling their kid's college fund to buy all that bullshit you're promoting. The problem with supply and demand is that nobody wants what you're pushing anymore. He can talk your ear off all night about who's got where they're going and getting what they got. When you separate the fact from fiction what you find is that Zero Tolerance has more trophies in their case than any other two members of the GWA combined. Legend, rookie or otherwise. If you keep digging you'll find that we embarrassed The Assassins and that I've pinned Tony Pride. So next time you wanna open up your lips and discuss who's what and where they stand.. just glance straight out your windshield and remind yourself that you and all your little girlfriends have always been in my rear view mirror.

You got one thing completely wrong though. You said me and Ryan didn't win the main event. I disagree. When you're in the most high profile match on the card and you destroy your opponents, I don't think it gets any more main event than that. Put that in your mental Rolodex and let it spin for a while, old timer. Until then, welcome back to the house that Zero Tolerance built."

[Blade looks down at his wrist and raises it as if there's a watch there that he's checking the time on.]

"Well according to my clock it's Tuesday and about time for somebody to get their asses handed to them. I got Zero Tolerance for you taking up a minute more of my time."

[Fade out.]

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