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Post  KmodoDragon on Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:25 pm

::The camera opens up to a huge stoned courtyard seated just inside the huge Shogun Thunder Academy. Hordes and Hordes of students are seen filling into the courtyard and taking their seats in front of the stage that is set before them. One the stage, we can see three seats fitted with red and green covering. In one of the seats, we can see an elderly man is seen wearing a white robe with sunglasses, seated on the left side of the center seat. Seated next to him, is an individual who we all know, is Kmodo Dragon! Dragon is seen wearing a new emerald red and green mask, with new red and green gloves and green boots. Seated next to him, is the young rookie, Dynamo Crunch! Crunch is seen wearing his traditional hoodie. The elderly man steps put of his seat begins to speak.::

Elderly man: All hail the god of Thunder! For him, we celebrate the victory of young Crunch! For his victory, we celebrate the power of the Dynamite! The power of the Dynamite is proceeding to fit very comfortably in our school. Young students, you need to learn and watch our young apprentice, Dynamo Crunch, as he continues to succeed. In due time, he will be the next Spotlight Division Champion! All Dynamite students stand up and salute the young Dynamo Crunch!

::The students start to cheer, as a dark cloud starts to swirl above the courtyard. The elderly man sits down and Kmodo Dragon walks up and prepares to speak.::

"My fellow students at Shogun Thunder Academy! Today, is a great day! Today, we celebrate the beginning of our revolution to take out the corruption in the GWA! First, we get Sinister to be DQed, and next we will take out one of the Schiano's!

::The students cheer and hollar as thunder begins to crackle and roar above the sky.::

"Schiano, you got one beat ahead of me on Tuesday and mark my words, that will not happen again. I hope you enjoy your one week injury, because next time, it will be 6 weeks! You see, Schaino, the strength of the Thunder and Lightning is starting to build and get stronger and each and every week, me and my young apprentice accomplish our goals, we get stronger. The stronger we get, the worse its gonna get for you and the more power we have to eliminate the corruption in the GWA! You see, we have found one a very rare form of ju-jitsu, which gives me the mode to go to "Super Thunder Mode" and when I do, my attacks are stronger and more lethal, and have a stronger account, because Thunder and Lightning is pulsating through my veins! Once my young apprentice accomplish more of his goals, in due time, he will be able to make it to "Super Dynamite Mode". It is only a matter of time.

::Thunder continues to crackle and a lightning bolt flies through the clouds. Dynamite is seen heard blowing up in the far distance.::

"Shogun Thunder Academy, prepare for war! Prepare for battle! Train my students! Train for your greatest day, because the Shogun Thunder Academy will be victorious once again! We will take out the corruption of the GWA once and for all! Schaino, dont forget, about next week! I will be in the building for the championship match, and I will be in young Dynamo's corner and I will make sure you will never get that title! You can mark my words, Schiano, you will never succeed next week! The god of Thunder has given me more power and giving me more a drive to see that corruption and your horrible corpse does not have your hand raised next week! If a feud and a war is what you want, Martin Schiano, a feud and war is what you got! Power to the power of Dynamite! Hail the god of Thunder, for thunder and lightning is his power and might!

::As Dragon laughs out loud, the students rise up and start to cheer, as lightning and thunder crackle and hit high above them.::


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