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Post  Nick Blade on Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:03 pm

[Fade in to see the front of a county hospital in New York. As the mechanical doors open automatically to the front lobby, Nick Blade hobbles outside and into the parking lot area being assisted by crutches. His right knee has an Ace bandage wrapped around it, holding it in place, which can be seen through a larger black brace. His face winces in agonizing pain as he tries to carry himself with each step. It doesn’t take long for him to notice the camera.]

“I assume you got nothing better to do than to follow a cripple around, huh? I’m sure Aurora feels like the big man on campus now that he’s injured one of the greatest wrestlers that the GWA has ever had. He probably got plenty pats on the back from all the other kiss ass ain’t-ever-accomplished-anything cheap imitations of talent that we have roaming the halls of the locker room.”

[Blade removes the pair of aviator sunglasses that are covering his eyes and glares directly into the lens of the camera as he continues.]

“I hope this jump starts your career. You should use this as a stepping stone and carry yourself on the wings of a victory over the greatest villain the wrestling world has ever encountered. When you tuck in your children at night, you should tell them this story. However, before they drift off dreaming of how their father was an outstanding athlete, be sure to remind them of what actually happened.”

[He repositions himself to become more comfortable while standing. As he moves, you can see the sharp pain he’s feeling in his facial expressions.]

“Tell them there was a hundred and one ways you could have kept your integrity and garnered respect, but you insisted to take the coward’s way out. Tell them how instead of going for an armbar or a sleeper you saw an opportunity to take out a weakened individual and you preyed on his handicap. That’s just the kind of man you are, I suppose. Regardless, if your goal was to get my attention.. rest assured that you’ve achieved that. I’ll see you soon.”

[He winks at the camera before putting his sunglasses back on.]

“By the way, the one thing me and Chick-Fil-A have in common is that we both have Zero Tolerance for you cross-dressing freaks of society. Vote Nick Blade, hash tag Most Hated.”

[Nick snickers and begins limping away as the camera fades.]

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