Inbetween a Rockshade and a Hardplace...

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Inbetween a Rockshade and a Hardplace... Empty Inbetween a Rockshade and a Hardplace...

Post  Tony Pride on Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:23 am

"Pride works frequently under a dense mask, and will often assume the garb of humility."-Adam Clarke

[A door slams]

“We did it!”


[That’s the sound of a gym bag hitting the floor]

“Hip hip, hooorrrayy! Hip Hip…”

[That’s Tony Pride, on your screen with a noise maker in his mouth and his hands held high in the air. He’s talking to the back of chair that clearly has a very large figure in it, sitting and watching Sunday Night Football]


[Pride pauses]

“Not so much eh? Hmph”

[Pride stands and of course, nervously chuckles]

“Did you watch the show tonight? I mean, did you see the INSTANT CLASSIC that Keith [sic] that’s Rockshade to you, put on tonight?! They didn’t think the old man still had It did they, but pow, pow, pow”

[Yes, Tony Pride in his hall of fame glory, just air punched]

“That match, tonight is a cause for celebration! Tonight, nothing but the best for me and my boy…Son, call Papa Johns, TONIGHT, we’re getting Pizza…AND WINGS!”

[Pride places his hands over the large chair and onto the mans shoulder]

[Its quickly slapped off and a deep baritone voice speaks]

“You told me, you’re were going down to get MY contract signed, YOU told me to wait back here in the Motel and when you returned that I, would have my foot in the door, YOU lied…Again.”

[Pride stands quietly]

“So tonight, Tony, isn’t cause for celebration, no, no, not at all, its more of the same. You, refusing to let anyone shine the spotlight or get an opportunity, besides you!"

[Pride blinks]

“You want to celebrate, Tony? Celebrate the fact that I’m on the next bus out of here, this isn’t what I signed for this…”

[Pride quickly grabs the bag he threw on the floor and drops it into the lap of his son(?) and then smiles like a Cheshire cat]

[Nervous chuckle]

“Inside that bag, is your contract…and, your future, stick with your old man son, I won’t never steer you wrong! I’m a former member of the Upper Echelon…”

[Son(?) slowly opens the bag]

“I’m a GWA Hall of Famer…”

[He pulls out a shiny object]

“I’m the Foundation”

[And stares face to face, with a luchador mask airbrushed to look just like…]

“…I’m Tony Pride!”

[…Things just got interesting as we fade]

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