What a difference a few days make

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What a difference a few days make Empty What a difference a few days make

Post  Rockshade on Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:09 am

What a difference a few days make Rockshade1

[Rockshade is sitting on a locker room bench, his black boots half laced beside him. He looks down as he prepares to read from an index card.]

Another day, another pair of crippled legends roaming the halls of the arena, huh?
"That was, of course, a statement made by Nick Blade in reference to myself and Mr. Sinister. The statement happened to be made before the premiere episode of Tuesday Night Spotlight. On that very show, Nick Blade's knee was obliterated beyond recognition. I'm not celebrating another man's injury. What happened was very unfortunate. But karma used to be a popular subject around here. Along those lines, it should be emphasized the same man would later issue the following statement outside intensive care."

I assume you got nothing better to do than to follow a cripple around, huh?
[He noticeably feels guilty about finding satisfaction in that and tries to suppress a grin as he tosses the index card to the floor.]

"As for us? We're good to go. The prognosis on my back is far better than originally anticipated. It's increasingly looking like surgery won't be necessary. Thank God for that. So while I've tasted the humble pie once this season, it's time for you to do the same. I promised the world we'd revisit our battle, and we will. But not until you're ready to give the people their money's worth. Get well soon."

[His expression is suddenly contemplative.]

"Yes, things change quickly around these parts. We now find ourselves on the eve of the second episode of Spotlight, and a brand new divisional champion is about to be crowned. I want that Spotlight Title so I can carry it into November Reign and become the World Heavyweight Champion. It seems I'm not alone. Last week, the rookie Dynamo Crunch tried hitting me with a pipe and costing me my match with Idol Austin. Don't think I don't understand, kid. You and Idol already had your spots in the tournament. The last thing you needed was another legend advancing to stand between you and your first taste of gold. Besides, I did crack you with Sinister's shotgun earlier in the night. I hope you understand that was in the spirit of competition. Your partner will feed you all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories, but I think you know better. Good luck in your quest for the title. Hopefully we'll get the chance to mix it up tonight so the world can see what you're really made of."

[He reaches for his boots, then realizes he has one more thing to add.]

"Tony Pride, we tore the house down on Sunday. Take home that Showcase Title so we can do it again on the grand stage in November. If they thought that was the Match of the Year, they ain't seen nothing yet."

[With everything needed to be said off his chest, we head into Tuesday Night Spotlight.]


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