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Time For Thunder and Lightning To Rise Up Empty Time For Thunder and Lightning To Rise Up

Post  KmodoDragon on Tue Sep 25, 2012 7:44 pm

::The camera opens up to a long wooden dock, where many ships are seen docked and floating along the lagoon's edge. The camera zooms in on one particular boat. The boat is painted in red and green, with an emerald dragon seen being painted on the bow section of the boat. Flying high above on the mast, are seen three flags. One flag is the American Samoa flag, next to it, is the flag of the Shogun Thunder Academy, and the third flag, is the flag of the GWA in bold red lettering. Some men are carrying different objects and furniture on board the ship. The camera flies up the ramp, as we see three individuals talking amongst themselves in a circle, as many men are seen scrambling on the deck. One of the individual, is the elder of Shogun Thunder Academy. His name is Master Shogun. His longtime apprentice, now sensei to the young Crunch, is standing beside him, we know him as Kmodo Dragon. Dragon is seen wearing his red and green gloves with his usual emerald mask and red and green boots. Standing next to him, in his usual hoodie, is their apprentice, Dynamo Crunch. Master Shogun begins to speak.::

"Any day now, Dragon, we need to assess the new students and prepare young Crunch for the next set of tests. He is doing very well with his move sets and his knowledge. The more and more he continues to win, the more and more his dynamite power will increase and the more we can get him ready for Dynamite Thunder power. In due time, Dragon. Follow him to Spotlight and make sure he is safe and secure. I only want him wrestling this week. We dont want any more power weakening from the Shogun yet. Once he wins tonight, his dynamite power will be almost ready for Thunder training. Make sure you are in his corner and keep an eye out for the Schiano's. I have a feeling them may try to bribe Greene again and this time, they may try to stop Crunch from suceeding."

"Yes, Master". ::As Dragon agrees to his master, Kmodo turns to the camera and begins to speak.::

"Spotlight, I hope you are ready for our victory! Tonight, the Shogun Thunder Academy will finally rise to the top and be victorious! I, myself, will like nothing more to see my young apprentice victorious in the Spotlight Championship! I will be in his corner and I will be watching his every move! Schiano, Greene, I will also have my eye on you two men! Even though I am not competing tonight, due to my master's command, I will be in attendance to make sure that you two dont try to "throw" the match!
I will make sure that you corrupt ways will not have an affect on the championship match. Mark my words, I will do my best to elminate the corruption and tonight will be the first night! And by the way, Rockshade, dont think I have not forgotten about you! I know you are a Schiano and I know you are trying to brainwash my young apprentice. You better watch yourself and stay out of our business and our affairs, otherwise, Thunder and Lightning will have to do another mark on The Assassins and it will not be pretty!"

::Kmodo gives out a big laugh as thunder and lightning are seen heard high above the ship.::

"One last thing, when Dynamo's hand is lifted in victory tonight, you better be sure that this will be the begining of a new era! An era where the corruption has finally been eliminated and annihilated from the GWA Front Office and the locker room! It will be the era of the Shogun Thunder Academy! HAHA!"

::Dragon laughs again, as the camera fades to black, as thunder and lightning are heard in the background crackling and striking all around the ship.::


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