On finding your place in a crowded job market

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On finding your place in a crowded job market Empty On finding your place in a crowded job market

Post  "The 911 Kid" James Hill on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:31 pm

"Everyone has a role to fill, but few are accepting of their place in line."

[Today the GWA cameras take us to an unnamed country club. Inside we find tasteful overstuffed chairs, rich textured carpet, and a layer of smoke hanging over the room. Well dressed men, and a few women, talk in small groups about the topics of the day. You overhear phrases such as "debt ceiling", "credit worthiness" and "the hopelessly dependent". The camera finds "The 911 Kid" James Hill graciously engaged in one of these conversations, before bidding farewell to a small group and walking away from the party, turning towards the camera.]

"Most of these people don't know how to balance a checkbook, much less how to make a dollar out of a dime. For better or worse they, represent the power elite of this nation. They represent the one percent."

[The camera follows Hill as he exists the reception hall of the country club. Walking down a short hallway, the camera turns and glances through a portal, finding the kitchen. Hard at work are line cooks and waiters preparing various finger foods for the reception. The clang of utensils hitting pots rings through the stark scene as Hill continues down the hall, away from the kitchen.]

"We live in a country where the people working in that kitchen either pay a higher percentage in tax than the people they're serving, or they find themselves dependent on the state simply to subsist."

[Hill finds the end of the hallway, and exits outside through a single, nondescript door. Following behind, we see a beautiful golf course, occupied with those playing a quick nine holes during their lunch. Hill gestures towards those we see on the course.]

"There are those who try to partake in the activities of the one percent, in a feeble effort to be viewed as one of the elite. Those in power. Those with... options. I hope they enjoy the pursuit, because that's all they'll find if they only attempt to act the part.

And that leads us to the past week in the GWA.

There are those who try to act the part. LudiCris did his best against me. He injured my back. He pile-drived me in the center of the ring. And yet, I kept getting back up. And in the end, I was the one standing victorious. How history records that match and its actual outcome are two very different things. One individual acted the part, and was a crumpled heap in the end. One individual, "The 911 Kid", had played the game a hundred times before, and only had to be himself to come out on top."

[Hill walks over to a bench and slowly sits down, then readdresses the camera.]

"Last night, one of a coming influx of talent took me on... and failed. He made a valiant effort for his first dance, but wound up injured himself in the process. Regardless of if you've had some success in this business, or are coming through the door brand new, you have to find your place in this market. For me, I carved out that place a long time ago... and used it to amass great wealth in the process. As you know, I've come back in an admittedly selfish effort to increase my holdings. For the rest of you, it's a simple question: Are you going to just act the part, or are you going to find that aspect in yourself that makes you great? That makes you stand out amongst the sheep? That makes you part of The One Percent?"

[Hill stands up, and begins making his way back to the building.]

"It's pretty obvious some people in the GWA are figuring things out. Martin Schiano figured it out and picked up some hardware in the process. Nick Blade figured it out after a disastrous first week, but can his partner do the same? It's also obvious there are others who think they're going to make it just by acting the part, and taking advantage of others to make their way. KmodoDragon and DynamoCrunch come to mind, and I strongly suspect they'll see the error of their ways soon."

[Hill smirks, then opens the door to the country club.]

"But enough about them. The individuals inside have money which needs to be liberated, and I'm happy to oblige."

[As Hill enters the country club, the screen fades to black.]

"The 911 Kid" James Hill

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