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Post  Ryan Cage on Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:16 pm

[The camera fades into a dimly lit bar where Ryan Cage is seen sitting at a table in the corner.His black hair is slicked back and he is sporting a biker jacket with "Zero Tolerance" printed across the back of it, a pair of jeans with a leather belt with a buckle that reads "0%", and a pair of black boots. He is on the phone and you begin to hear him as the camera draws closer, his conversation becomes clear.]

"So it's settled then?"

[The person on the other end responds and almost abruptly ends the conversation, Cage hangs up and that is when he notices the camera. He shakes his head a little and laughs. However you can tell by the look on his face that he has something on his mind. He then turns towards the camera and begins to speak.]

"So Blade says we got booked against The Assassins... Well as of right now, the way it looks to me The Assassins have one big problem on their hands. Do you know what it is?

[Cage leans back in his chair and kicks his feet up on the table with enough force to shake the various beer bottles and empty shot glasses and continues to talk.]

"Blade said he wanted to drink whiskey...And when Blade drinks whiskey that means that we'll be in a fight. And it looks like it was just these two guys bad luck to be the first ones up to the chopping block. Not that it matters much, just the first in line... But hey, I don't have to tell anyone what Zero Tolerance is, you remember..Hell, I bet a lot of you would just like to forget."

[Cage laughs a little and takes his feet off the table.]

"But for those of you who don't... Maybe you should go ask someone in the back what the worst night of their life in the GWA was and I am sure that they will have a Zero Tolerance story for you...We didn't come here to sell t-shirts, we came here to hurt people. And the sooner you learn that the better. Stay out of the way or you are gonna get buried underneath the ring! As far as I'm concerned the whole locker room just got put on notice. You mess with us you're going to get hurt. It's just that simple."

[Cage's mood seems to change a little as he leans in a little closer to the camera and begins to speak.]

"But lets not get too far away from the topic.. Rockshade, Sinister I hope you two bring everything you have to Resurrection because if you don't, not only is it going to cost you the match.But it could very well cost you your careers. I hope you kept your chops up because I haven't missed a beat. It's about time that the GWA remembers why we are the most dominate force here and what better way to do it than to take a couple of "hall of famers" and make them wish they had never walked back through the door."

[Cage stands up and kicks one of the chairs out from underneath the table and moves out of the scene as the camera fades to black.]

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