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Will he or won't he? Empty Will he or won't he?

Post  Idol Austin on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:31 pm

"I really shouldn't be doing this."

[Fade up.

The camera pans around the room, full of wrestling memorabilia. Framed magazine covers, pictures of men in the ring, trophies and championship belts along the wall.]

"I've got bad knees. I've broken both ankles. I have arthritis like you wouldn't believe, and somehow, I've managed to avoid becoming addicted to painkillers, knock on wood."

[A thump is heard, as the speaker knocks on something wooden.]

"I received this invite today to make an appearance at GWA Resurrection. And no one would blame me for turning it down. I've had a full career, and in my last match, I went out the way a guy on his way out usually does. On his back, with no regrets."

[Camera pans to man, an older, but still recognizable, Idol Austin.]

"I'm forty-seven years old. I've been involved in the sport since nineteen eighty-eight, and in nearly every capacity. I've been a World Champion many times over in both the singles and tag team ranks. I've been a promoter, I've been, and still am, a trainer.

I've been a success everywhere I've ever competed. UAW, WOW, NWC, GWA, EMWC, UWF, PPW. If it's an alphabet tied to wrestling and I've been there, I've conquered while there. But that was then. I've been told by doctors twice that I should hang it up and walk away. And though I didn't want to, I did, finally. I'm retired."

[Austin smiles slowly.]

"But that doesn't mean I can't still take care of business in that ring if necessary. The body may be breaking down, but the mind is still sharp, and in this sport, a sharp mind can carry you to places that the body never thought possible. I could still go, even if for a night."

[Austin shakes his head.]

"I really shouldn't be doing this. I have nothing to prove. I've got a son now who has followed in my footsteps. This is his time. He doesn't need his old man running around in the spotlight again. Because if I did come back, that's what would happen. When I'm gone from this world, people around the sport of wrestling will still talk about "Incredible" Idol Austin. They'll remember me, because I've done it all the way no one else but I could.

But it's hard to stay away. It would only be one night, right? What was it Michael Corleone said in Godfather Part Three? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in?"

[Austin grins.]

"I think I might do it. If only because fifteen years later, I still have no idea what the hell a "Rockshade" is supposed to be..."

[Fade to black.]

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