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Post  KmodoDragon on Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:20 am

::The camera opens up to a long and industrialized dock. We notice a few luxury yachts are seen parked on either side of the dock. We notice a man wearing a long trench coat, with a brown hat, and carrying a suit case walking away from the camera. As the camera continues to follow this individual, we start to notice who this individual is. One the back of the coat, there is some writing written in Samoan, which reads "Kmodo Dragon: Servant of Thunder" in red and green styled letters. The camera follows Kmodo to one of the dock's loading gate, where we see Kmodo stop at the gate and beings to speak.::

"O god of Thunder, please forgive my actions on Sunday. Please forgive me for not living up to my promise to the young lad, Crunch. I heard from my servants, that he performed very well on Sunday at the Orientation. I wish I could have been there, but, my services to you were very important and I could not miss it. Crunch, I hope you can forgive me for missing my ship on Sunday. The god of Thunder had ordered me to take care of some business in the capital and I had to go. I am a servant of the god of Thunder, kid. When he calls, I have to go. I hope you understand. I will be there on Sunday! This is for sure!"

::Dragon looks at his ticket and waits patiently as we see in the distance, a ferry boat is heading toward the dock. Dragon continues to speak::

"I also found out, that Python, had Crunch a little beat down on Sunday. Python, Python, Python. I never thought the servant of the god of Thunder would ever see your horrifying face again. How dare you ridicule and humiliate a close friend of mine. Python, your one of the reasons I am coming back to the GWA. Your one of the corrupt individuals that are back in the GWA and your one of the reasons why I must come to get rid of the corruption. You see, Python, I know your little game. The god of Thunder has shown me your game and your antics, and frankly, I am sick of it. You think you can come back here to the GWA and use your corrupt attitude and personality, so you can destroy someone's career ? You better think again! The god of Thunder and I will not stand for such corruptness!

::Thunder is heard in the distance, as Kmodo is seen starting to raise his voice::

"Aurora, do not think I forgot about you. I knew you would show your ugly face around here again. I knew once the council found out about the GWA's Resurrection, they would send you back here to do some more dirty work. I have my eye on your Aurora, and don't think for a second, I haven't forgot about you! I remember how you were in the council and how you did the Big Apple wrong. I remember how you tried to make a name for yourself in the Big Apple, and how you tried to show off and use some of your corruptible ways to corrupt the Big Apple and its fans. You see, a good friend of mine, L. Wrath gave me a heads up about you coming back to the GWA. I have my connections. Beware of the god of Thunder and his servant, Kmodo Dragon!

::As the ferry approaches the dock, Kmodo lifts his hat and continues to speak one more time before boarding the ferry.::

"GWA, the god of Thunder's servant, Kmodo Dragon and his new acquaintance, Dynamo Crunch, have our eyes on all of the people who are corrupt and we will not let them destroy another federation as long as we are back in the GWA! Mark my words, the corruption will be ridden of, even if I have to ask the help of some dear ole friends to help me, we will get rid of the corruption, one way or the other. Oh yeah, Schiano, Sinister, I have not forgot about you two. Beware, because there are so many people who want your keister on a platter and will do anything to see that happen. I already have told people how corrupt Schiano is. Just read the history books of the Big Apple, you will know what I am talking about. May the god of Thunder strike you down, Schiano! May he strike you down!

::Kmodo starts to laugh as he begins to board the ferry, as lighting and thunder is seen crackling all around the ship, as the camera fades to black.::


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