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How's the back? Empty How's the back?

Post  Rockshade on Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:25 am

[A man retrieves his suitcase at baggage claim. His identity is not immediately clear, as his back faces the viewer. What is discernible from the grainy quality of the footage and the way the subject is frantically approached is this is the work of gossip juggernaut TMI. The screen bounces up and down as the man gets bigger, his sweatsuit traveling in and out of focus. An out-of-breath and disturbingly high-pitched male voice makes its unwelcome entrance over the sound of rapid size 7 1/2 footsteps.]

Voice: Rockshade! Rockshade!

[He turns.]

Voice: How's the back?

[Rockshade puts his hand on his back as though he's checking to feel if it's broken. He cracks a smile as he mightily lifts his luggage off the conveyor belt.]

Rockshade: I gotta say, it's not doing too bad.

[He extends the suitcase's handle, locks it into place, and begins walking. His terse answer suggests he isn't in the mood for an interview, but this undersexed paparazzo is relentless.]

Voice: Why didn't you and Sinister enter the Riot in the Ring?

[Realizing he isn't getting off the hook easily and figuring this a good time to address the public, he stops.]

Rockshade: You know, I can't speak for Sinister. But I wanted to. The backstage doctor wouldn't clear me to compete, and the Front Office wasn't willing to risk losing one of its stars for the season. I can't say I blame them. That was a mean spill I took to the outside.

[A pleasant female voice announces "Please use caution when entering and exiting the moving walk" over the PA system before our virgin friend continues.]

Voice: Do you think Zero Tolerance got lu--

[Rockshade interrupts.]

Rockshade: No, it wasn't luck. I'm going to say something you may not be expecting. The reality is that we took them too lightly. I, personally, hadn't been wrestling in a long time, and I overestimated my own ability. After that first dive off the top, you couldn't tell me I wasn't invincible. I got caught up in my own hype, and I paid the price. Nick Blade and Ryan Cage are more than capable out there, and they scored a well-deserved victory.

[A fan approaches and hands Rockshade a pen and a pad. He scribbles and hands them back before the fan excitedly disappears from view.]

Rockshade: That wasn't the last of our battles. I think the fans want to see what would happen if I actually made it into the ring.

[He-she gets a kick out of that. Rockshade again begins to walk, but the lonely one doesn't take the hint.]

Voice: Heh. The GWA season is now underway and we still haven't seen you inside the ring. When are you coming back and what are your goals this year?

[The two-time Hall of Famer answers without hesitation.]

Rockshade: I'm a competitor. I want to be the World Champion again. Everybody knows that. But it's time for me to get serious. Someone recently pointed out that I'm ranked #14 on the GWA's all-time list. That isn't good enough for me. I'm just 28 wins shy of the top 10. If I want to get there this season, I better start soon. That means I'll be taking on everyone from my old foes to the new blood. How's that for making sure my head's in the game? The race is on, my friend. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm running late.

[The voice offers "Good luck, man" as his parting words before the scene fades.]


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