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Sunday Showcase results 9/23 Empty Sunday Showcase results 9/23

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Sunday Showcase results 9/23 Showcase

Sunday Showcase began with Commissioner Lazy Ref announcing the winners of today's matches would advance in the Showcase Title tournament.


Chris Kill, who was coming off a win at Resurrection, took on Ryan Cage in the afternoon's opening match. The fallout from Resurrection's controversial tag battle continued: Kill was joined by his long-time friend Rockshade, while Cage was accompanied by his partner Nick Blade. Blade, after his knee was severely injured by Saerin Aurora on Tuesday Night Spotlight, was on crutches. Kill got the upper hand on Cage and looked to put him away with the Devastating DDT when the referee was bumped. Blade threw Cage one of his crutches to use as a weapon. Rockshade, in turn, grabbed Blade's other crutch and gave it to Kill. A war with the crutches ensued, with Kill coming out on top. With the referee back up, Kill looked for another Devastating DDT. Cage, however, used the extra time to pull off a spinebuster and Cage Plex for the pinfall.


Nick Blade, now crutchless, used the ropes to pull himself into the ring and declare he would wrestle injured. Dynamo Crunch answered his challenge, and the match was set for later in the card.


Both of these wrestlers were victorious on Tuesday, but only one would advance in the Showcase Title tournament. Ludi came out the gate strong, taking advantage of the injury Martin suffered at the hands of Kmodo Dragon. He applied an armbar, attempting to hurt Schiano even more. Martin fought back before Ludi applied a choke that was then countered by a knee whip. Schiano connected with a huge brainbuster from the top rope and headed back up top for the Flying Elbow Drop. He missed, however, enabling Ludi to slam him with authority and score the pin.


It was next time to determine how effective a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest would be.


Dynamo's strategy in this match was simple, but smart: focus on Blade's injured knee. Likewise, it became clear that Blade was going to rely on using his knee brace for offense. It proved highly effective, as he was able to land some very impactful shots with the brace. The crafty rookie eventually locked on a kneebar, which could have aggravated the injury. This put Blade in desperation mode, and he shamelessly used the knee brace as a weapon in the middle of the ring. The referee had no choice but to call for the disqualification.


Dynamo now holds DQ victories over both Mr. Sinister and Nick Blade, two rivals who both won Most Hated Wrestler trophies. More importantly, he advances in the Showcase Title tournament.


On Spotlight, Rockshade wrestled Idol Austin in a flashback to Season 15's Feud of the Year. The first episode of Showcase would see Rockshade take on Tony Pride in a rematch of that season's Match of the Year. Rock went in #12 on the all-time best record list. A win here would put him at #11, ahead of Bruiser Bill. Pride, himself a GWA Hall of Famer in the Top 25 of all time, who finished second in last Sunday's Riot in the Ring, had other ideas. They wrestled a very close match that saw Rockshade counter a sleeper into a Rock Cutter and follow with a Schiano Suplex that itself was almost countered. Rockshade made the cover, but Pride defiantly kicked out. He locked in an Indian Death Lock that flirted with injuring Rockshade, but Rockshade was able to escape and execute a sleeper of his own. Pride then countered into an ankle lock, but Rockshade escaped that as well and hit a Missile Dropkick off the middle rope. He went for a second Shades of Schiano, but Pride was able to hit the Steel Driver and just land the Stingertoa Splash for the pin.


After the match, there were "Match of the Year" chants. Tony Pride offered a handshake, and Rockshade accepted. The fans applauded the efforts of both men. With that, Sunday Showcase came to a close. Advancing in the Showcase Title tournament are Ryan Cage, LudiCris, Dynamo Crunch, and Tony Pride.


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