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The Possible Newest GWA Star Empty The Possible Newest GWA Star

Post  Dynamo Crunch on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:59 pm

[The camera begins to pan around an old abandonded mine. Some people are digging holes and are finding old artifacts while kids are digging holes for fun. But camera suddenly switches to an area where there are tons of piles of rubble filled with dynamite. In the center of the circle is a youngster around 22 standing with his hands together as if praying. We are able to catch some words from him.]

???: My Crunch

[Then out of the blue he begins doing all sorts of kick boxing moves and as strike is thrown in the air,a rubble pile explodes. His moves are almost lightning fast and all we see is a blur. Low kicks,front kicks,round kicks,and other strikes. When he finishes,one gigantic pile stands in front of him. He takes a stance and charges at the fully loaded pile and throws a flying punch and it explodes. He comes out the other side unscarred.]

Dynamo Crunch: I inted on being the next star of GWA come Resurrection. I was inspired by Keith "Rockshade" Schiano and Mr. Sinister. The GWA Hall of Fame which I have seen and all the best past wrestlers in GWA. I plan to be like them,fight like them and be great like them.

[He picks up his grey hoodie and begins walking with hands in his pockets of his jeans.]

Dynamo: I promise you all,I will be the best one day.

[Dynamo Crunch continues walking with muffled explosions still going on in the back with the camera stopping with smoke blocking it.]

Dynamo Crunch

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The Possible Newest GWA Star Empty Re: The Possible Newest GWA Star

Post  Martin Schiano on Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:08 am

[Footage from the mine that had "kids digging holes for fun" before "muffled explosions" began going off in the background precedes the image of an older adult aged fella in a well lit room in heterosexual attire is shown]

Martin Schiano: That's a nice hoodie kiddo, but you just killed a handful of child laborers, Mugatu. The GWA is hip with that these days? You want to be inspired by a Legend? By a Schiano? I'll teach you the ropes and leave you dizzy on the mat trying to figure out which way the roof faces. You wanna be the best some day? Beat the best right now. Ain't gonna be no camera tricks or smoke filled illusions when you see me in the opposite corner looking through your soul.

Possible newest star? Heh. Any time. Any conditions.

Martin Schiano

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