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There's Always A Door To Somewhere Empty There's Always A Door To Somewhere

Post  Dynamo Crunch on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:54 pm

[The scene opens up to Shogun Thunder Academy's courtyard where many students are training. It then takes to the inside halls where classes are heard. We pass by Master Shogun's room and Kmodo Dragon's room,both busy at work in their indiviual buisness. We then come across a one of thos paper sliding doors and knock. A voice on the inside tells us to come in. As we open it,Dynamo Crunch is seen watching last night's footage between him and Rockshade.]

Ccommentator: Crunch looking for a big move here....NO! SOS FACE FIRST INTO THE CHAIR AND THE COVER!

[Fans 1! 2!.......]

Commentator: Kmodo now trying to get at Rock and....JUST MISSES HIM AND IT'S A THREE! YOUR WINNER,ROCKSHADE!

[DC turns off the T.V. and turns to the camera with scars all over the crown of his head.]

*One more move and I would've had him. If it wasn't for the fact he has skin tough as leather,I would've won. But no,he won and then one of his brothers wins the stupid title. But my sensei has that covered. On Tuesdays,my attention is now turned to new heel rookie,OT Preston.

[DC just shakes his head at his name.]

*Seriously,c'mon man. All your moves named after the OT? What kinda of messed up low-life are you? I'm rising rookie star here. I got wins over GWA HOFS and Most Hated Wrestlers of the Year,Mr. Sinister and Nick Blade. And calling the fans the jerk,what's wrong with you,at least Dorian Ryan has my respect than your little snot nose brat ass. If you are man enough,you'll face me this upcoming Tuesday,ya don't,that just proves you're chicken.

[DC stands up and begins proceeding to Kmodo's room.]

*But aside from that snot nosed punk,I still got my shot on Sunday. Where it be Rockshade again,LudiCris,or Saerin,I'm game. I'm 2-1,but that 1 gave me a reason to realize my mistakes. And you know what,who cares about title reigns. Well sure you get recoginized more but I just wanna be a legend no matter what it takes. Whether fail many times or accomplish many times,it don't matter to me.

[But then DC goes back to OT Preston.]

*Ya know,I actually do care a bit more about Preston then the title. My sensei has his eye on Martin Schiano while I got my eyes on the Showcase title and you Preston. Preston,you're my next target. Once I get better,I'll focus more on the legends. But in the mean,you're forehead has a big bullseye on it. So be prepared come Tuesday if you wish. But if you do come,I'm just gonna open a whole can of Whoop Ass on you and then make you injured even longer OT Pussy.

[Dynamite is heard off in the backround as DC enters Kmodo's room and the camera fades to black]

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