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Return of the Dragon Empty Return of the Dragon

Post  KmodoDragon on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:29 am

::The camera opens up to a small lagoon. As the camera pans the lagoon, we can see fisherman fishing on the sides of the lagoon as well as some in their fishing boats. A flag is seen flying over head on one of the docks. As we look closer, we notice the flag to be the "American Samoa" flag. The camera continues to fly overhead until it reaches a small dock. On the dock, we notice two chairs and a blanket are laid out, facing the ocean. As we get closer, we notice one of the individuals is seen wearing a green mask with green trunks and red wrestling boots. His green gloves are seen coming together as if he was in a praying motion. As the camera catches a closer look, we seem to recognize who this individual is. This individual is none other than, Kmodo Dragon! Dragon begins to speak::

"The gods have told me that you would be here. The gods have mentioned to me that you would be coming. The god of the Thunder has warned me that the corporate men of the GWA has called for me to return. As I advised my men, I would be making a return once again. This time, I wont be the laughing stock of the company. This time, I will make a difference".

::Dragon walks over to the edge of the dock and yells out in a strong like manner. The clouds seem to get dark and lightning shoots through the clouds as Dragon continues to talk.::

"This time, I will make my mark in the GWA! I came back to my home country and started to prepare for my return. I have studied a new art. A new art of wrestling. A new art of attack. Only this time, the god of Thunder will be with me. Before, I didnt believe in the gods effect when it came to wrestling. Well, all things have passed and this time, the god of Thunder has granted me full help and strength. This time, I will not fail my country, my people and my god!"

::Dragon takes a small breath before he continues to speak::

"I have a new focus in the GWA. My focus is remain strong to my calling and fight for what is right. I heard rumors of an old friend who is coming back to the GWA. I looked up to him and I admired his wrestling and his demeanor. I just hope that he is happy to see me. GWA, the Dragon has returned and this time, it will be for good! That ole record of 3-6, will be wiped out from history. This time, a new record will be made! Like Blade has said before, "This is a new era" and the Dragon is ready to help fight for this new cause! Beware of the Dragon!"

::The camera pans to black as we hear the roar of thunder and crackling of lightning in the background::


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