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The History Of The Dragon...All READ!  Empty The History Of The Dragon...All READ!

Post  KmodoDragon on Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:37 pm

::The camera opens up to a secluded room below the decks of the Shogun Thunder Academy's cruiser. The cruiser seems to be in motion, as we can hear the crashing of the waves against the starboard side of the cruiser. Sitting on one of the throne room like seats, is Master Shogun. Shogun is seen holding a long scroll in one hand, and his glasses in the other. Walking up and down the aisle, is none other than Kmodo Dragon. Dragon is seen having some bruises on his back and on his chest. His emerald mask has some marks from where he landed on his young apprentice, Dynamo Crunch. Dragon's gloves are seen to be slightly ripped and charred from the burning table at ringside. Shogun begins to speak.::

"Dragon, we failed! Tonight, we had Rockshade in our clutches! Dynamo had him! I told you, Greene is corrupt! I told you, he was at his old ways again! The god of Thunder warned me of this mess! Greene stuck out his foot, so, you could trip over him and land on our young Dynamo and fail hitting Rockshade. Greene is at it again and this time, he is back with working with Rockshade! Greene, must be stopped my apprentice and it is your job since our young apprentice has more work to do. We must not fail the god of Thunder! You know what he did to us the last time we failed him. He got ahold of L.Wrath and had Wrath banish us from Hades Inc. and had us start our own academy to stop the corruption of the GWA and the NWC! We can not fail, Dragon! You must promise me this.

::Shogun turns toward Dragon and waiting for his response.::

"I know, master. I know we can not fail our god this time!"

::Dragon responds back to Shogun as Shogun continues to speak.::

"I think it is time to open this scroll and remind everyone in the GWA, why we are back here and why we can not stand the Schiano's and Mark Greene! The scroll of history must be opened once again and must reveal the sources of the corruption and why we are against the Schiano's and Greene!"

::Dragon leans over and takes the scroll of history, and breaks open the wax seal and begins to read this scroll. Thunder and lightning is heard outside of the cruiser as soon as the scroll is opened. The cruiser begins to rock back and forth as Dragon begins to read the scroll.::

"As you must know, GWA, Kmodo Dragon was once the young Agent Cyclone of the Hades Inc. Agent Cyclone was once the leader of L.Wrath's agents at Hades Inc. Agent Cyclone was assigned to keep Wrath's back when all else failed. You see, I saw how much corruption was running rampant in the Big Apple. For starters, Greene always believed in the Schiano's and always "screwed" Wrath. It all started when Rockshade was given the opportunity to fight Sinister for the NWC World Title, when we all know good and well that Wrath deserved that title shot. Greene had his hands all over in the pot with the NWC Front Office, hence, when all of the corruption had started. Greene always gave us a disadvantage when it came to his matches. The final straw, was when Wrath was picked to help represent the NWC at Encore and Greene never sent him to Encore. Greene left him hanging and in response, Wrath was so infuriated he, kicked us out because we didnt do our duty that we swore to do. And guess who never helped in the fight when he promised to the Big Apple that he would help? Stonelight, or Martin Schiano!"

::The cruiser continues to rock, as Dragon digs deep into the scroll.::

"You see, Stonelight, was given the opportunity to help with the BAWF, but instead did nothing, and once again, showed us that his hands was stained with Greene's blood. Stonelight not once tried to help Wrath or agree to help with the corruption of the BAWF Front Office and the NWC Front Office. He never once came to the aid of Wrath or the agents when we knew who Pueblo was. He once again stood back and let Greene continue his corrupt ways. With doing this, Wrath had no choice to banish us and we had to start our own academy. Once we started our own academy, as the scroll reads, our quest began."

::Dragon closes the scroll and begins to speak.::

"You see, GWA, I had no choice to continue to get rid of the corruption! I have no choice to go after Martin, because he never helped our former leader, Wrath. I have an obligation to get rid of the corruption in the GWA and that obligation is Mark Greene and Martin Schiano! Martin, you see, you started this war, so many moons ago, and now, the war is escalating to a revolution. You see, all I had to do, was remind you of what you didnt do back in the Big Apple and now why I must continue to finish our war and revolution. Seeing you at the Riot, was perfect timing. My god, the god of Thunder, made it clear to me on that faithful night. Last Tuesday, your injury was just the icing on the cake. Last night, was just an annoucement of your coming judgment! I will be there next Tuesday, and dont worry, I will make my presence known. You better have eyes in your back, because you never know when I will appear or disappear. My young apprentice has his assignment for Sunday and for Tuesday. I will be there on Tuesday and mark my words, the war will continue. Martin, our war has begun! The revolution to eliminate the corruption has begun and we will not stop until your title is in my hands, and your corpse has been thrown out of the GWA for good! Greene, yo better watch out, because we are not leaving and the chaos will not stop until you are no longer the commissioner of Tuesday Night Spotlight! The moment has come for the war to continue and the revolution to begin! HAHA!

::As Dragon continues to laugh, his young apprentice walks into the room and sits besides his sensei and their master. The camera fades to black.::


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