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Thunder Is Rising Empty Thunder Is Rising

Post  KmodoDragon on Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:44 am

::The scene opens up to a small wooden ring, that is seen being surrounded by rows and rows of willow trees. Inside the ring, we see a table has been set up with two chairs and some place setting. As the camera gets closer, we notice on the table, a scroll seems to be rolled up and placed neatly on the right side of the table. Out in the distance, we can see someone chanting. As the chanting gets louder, we definitely recognize its voice. Kmodo Dragon is seen wearing a new green robe, with green boots and red gloves. This time, he is seen wearing a green and red mask. Kmodo walks over to the table and sits down and opens the scroll.::

"O, the great God of Thunder, has spoken. The great God of Thunder has shown me the next path in my walk in the GWA. He has chosen me a tag partner. This partner, is none other than Dynamo Crunch! Ah, the god of Thunder sees potential in this young lad, and has given me the rights to teach and lead him to the road of victory and to the road of Thunder!"

::Thunder begins to crackle and lightning shoots across the sky, as the sky begins to get dark::

"A worthy of apprentice he will be. I will teach him the ways of the Thunder. However, I must warn him of the corporate corruption that is still looming around in this prestigious organization. You see, deep in the lairs of the corporate ladder in the GWA, someone still has their connections and roots to those horrible council. The god of Thunder has instructed me to lure this person out and for me to demolition him and get rid of this corruption. I believe Blade and Cage know who I am talking about. You see, I believe the Assassins also know who this individual is and so does everyone else. Me and the young one, all we have to do, is lure them out."

"Once they are expose, we will demolition them in the form of Thunder and finally put an end to the corruption and corporate atrocity that is still lurking in this alliance. The god of Thunder has seen the terror and horror this individual has done in the past, and it is our job to eliminate them. My only question to the GWA, is that they need to trust Thunder and Lightning and believe in us, otherwise, this whole alliance will crumble and fall. We must eliminate the corruption once and for all!"

::Dragon slams his fist down on the table as a single bolt of lightning hurls down at one of the posts of the wooden ring and engulfs it into flames.::

"I have seen and heard enough about this new era. Thunder and Lightning are here to make this new era a reality, a new vision. Our vision to wipe out the corruption, the guile and the waste of whatever has come from the council and hang them up to dry! You see, at Resurrection, we both will be in the Riot of the Ring and one of us will be victorious! And when one of us will be victorious, we will start the elimination process. The only thing is, who will be our first corrupt victim ? Only the 16th, will tell us! Until now, Assassins and any other team of misfits, you better stay out of our way! You better let us eliminate the corruption, otherwise, face the fury of Thunder and Lightning!"

::Dragon begins to laugh as thunder and lightning continues to crackle all over the wooden ring::


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