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Post  KmodoDragon on Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:42 pm

::The camera opens up to viewing on a hillside over looking a long and deep valley. As the valley comes closer in view, we can see a huge buidling that is surrounded by walls and a huge moat. The camera flys over the valley, we can see scores of men in green and red ninja suits, seen working out in the field. The camera pans over to the main gate, where we can read a sign that says, "Shogun Thunder Academy". As we enter the compound, the camera glances over inside of the compound to a stage area, where we can see a bunch of students are seen sitting in praying style. In front of the stage, a man wearing a red and green suit with a green emerald mask. He is seen wearing red and green gloves. In his hand, he is seen reading a scroll. We now know who this individual is.::

"Students of the Shogun Thunder Academy, you have all done well in your training. All hail the god of Thunder who is well pleased in your training. Pay attention to your masters, and your sensei, Kmodo Dragon! Concentrate on the thunder and lightning. Feel the power of the air running through your veins! The Shogun Thunder Academy will be victorious and we will conquer the GWA!"

::Kmodo starts to laugh, as he turns his attention to the camera.::

"I see that we have certain visitors with us, today. Im sure you are all here to bother me with ridiculous questions about last night's Riot in the Ring. Well, stop no more! I sure did seen enough malarkey to last a lifetime! My young apprentice, Dynamo Crunch, is starting to understand the ways of thunder, and the magnificent use of dynamite to his arsenal. The only issue is that he has some punk, a Schiano, of all people bothering him and challenging him to a fight. Well, Schiano, or shall I say, "Ignorance Monkey of a Fool", if you dare threaten my apprentice again, a fight is what you will get!"

::The score of students cheer as thunder is heard crackling overhead.::

"Now, as far as Mark Greene goes, I cant believe the Fron Office would hire such a corporate nut case as him. Do they not know of how much conspiracy and chaos this man caused in the Big Apple. Do you not see that he ALWAYS takes the sides of the Schiano's and the Kill or are you that blind and ignorant and cant see how much tom foolery Greene is going to do as the commissioner. I hope the Front Office realizes that this means war that my academy must do our job! Our job is to get rid of the corruption known as Mark Greene and please the god of Thunder!"

::His students cheer as more dark clouds begin to appear overhead.::

"Zero Tolerance...I sure hope you boys know how much I tried to save Blade. I saved a good pal of mine, because Zero Tolerance stands for the same thing I stand for. I saved Blade because he believes in what I believe. We both cant stand Rockshade or Sinister and we both cant stand the corruption of the Assassins as well. The Assassins got what they deserve. I will gladly save Blade or Cage any day of the week as far as I am concerned. My apprentice will learn to follow his master in due time, dont worry about that. As far as 911 Kid and Pride go, welcome back! Its a been long time coming and it was good to see some men who can align with me some day and help me take down this corruption!
"Idol Austin, very impressive drawing the last number! I assume you and Greene were in on this together. You see, I teach my students to near trust someone who is from the council, because they are all full of corruption and chaos. I am sure you and Greene set it up for you to be last. I can sense corruption and deceit. Just beware that the god of Thunder does not tolerate corruption or greed. You will get yours! You better watch your back!"

::Kmodo raises his hand, as thunder crackles and lightning shoots across the sky and strikes down on the stage. The students jump up in one accord and start to shout, "Long live the god of Thunder!::

"Tuesday night, just got loud and dark, because the god of Thunder is sending his servant to Tuesday night! The Spotlight division will fall to the Shogun Thunder Academy!"

::Kmodo again laughs out loud, as the thunder and lightning continue to crackle, as the camera fades to black.::


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